with Monique | Personal Trainer & Nutritionist


Athletic Guarantee

I will build a workout routine personalized just for you that fits your lifestyle,  goals and current health. These can take place in the comfort of your own home, outside, in my private fitness studio or in your gym. Whether it's in person or online, my experience, knowledge and creativity will make the absolute best out of your time, equipment and space. 


Dietary Promise

Try my life changing 12 week nutritional course and we will create a healthy, sustainable, delicious and long term holistic plan so you can feel fiercely fabulous from the inside-out. While you are reaching your goals, you will have better digestion, lose weight, build muscle, sleep better and have more energy, all while keeping enough time for family, work and whatever life might throw at you. All of this is done virtually through weekly calls and continuous email support to get you living your best life.

Personal Training Plans


No Commitment Pack

1 week minimum

$60 / session

1 hour/week 

no minimum amount required

great for beginner/intermediate

Dedication Pack

1 month minimum

$50 / session

2 hour/week 

minimum 8 advanced paid sessions 

ideal for intermediate/advanced

35 Days of Burning Program

5 weeks 

$69/stand alone rate

$49/one time special add-on rate

all ages and levels welcome 


from home limited equipment needed

5 weeks of meal plans (vegan & non-vegan)


includes switch cardio guide

includes workouts, instructions & step-by-step information

12 Week Nutrition Program

Pack A:

$450 / 12 week program

Pack B:

$45 / course week +

1 weekly personal training session 


Pack C:

$70 / course week +

2 weekly personal training session 

All Fitness Plans Include:

-In Person or Virtual Workouts

-Home Workout Work Sheets (Personalized & Updated When Necessary)

-Step-By-Step Instructional Videos 


-24 Hour Support

All Include:

- Personalized Macronutrient Breakdown (Updated When Necessary)

-Weekly 30 Minute Coaching Phone Call 

-Weekly Informative Goals Including Fibre, Hormones, Sleep, Meal Prep, Cravings, Muscle Gains, Fat Etc. 


-Supplement Guide


-Recipe Collections & Meal Plans


-Personal Meal Garden Platform Profile

Nutritional Plans

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